Who We Are

There are multiple issues that leaders cannot see, things like; market turns, how to predict sales, whether the person they just hired will work out, what is the best time to expand operations, what will happen if I confront bad behavior with my team – will I lose them? Business is most certainly a faith walk, with some skill sprinkled in!

Our mission is to help owners, CEOs, and leaders see into areas where they typically are blind. The more we can help our leaders see with clarity, the more likely they will expand their business toward greater success, not to mention, lift themselves to higher and better contributions to their family, community, and life dreams.

EXOS moves forward with the belief we are there to help our leaders see more clearly than they ever have before.



CEO/Managing Advisor

Dan Cox is the CEO and Managing Advisor at EXOS Advisors. He worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor for 15 years serving families, individuals, and couples who were experiencing some of life’s most challenging issues. Compelled to serve people in their place of work, Dan made a transition to Executive Coaching in 2005. Having spent time “behind the scenes” understanding and impacting the human dynamic, it became his life mission to work in places where people spend the bulk of their waking hours, being on-site to cause powerful insights and opportunities for change.

Dan is a masterful coach and facilitator combining compassion and candor in his approach. Dan has advised hundreds of business owners, CEOs, executives, managers, and supervisors of all levels in organizational settings–both profit and non-profit.


Strategic Partners Director

Michael Sharp brings a wide range of expertise from different market sectors and is causing business expansion in IT and advertising firms, non-profit organizations, consulting, and other small businesses. As Michael interfaces with leaders, sales teams, and individuals, he has the unprecedented ability to become quickly conversant and create growth on our clients’ behalf. He works alongside our network of clients, trainees, and associations breaking through roadblocks or bottlenecks in their business development systems directly affecting bottom-line revenue.

Michael is widely recognized for his expertise in understanding how people are naturally wired and gifted, making a valuable contribution that directly affects client success and bottom-line revenue. He has worked directly alongside Dan for over a decade coaching and facilitating training events within our network of clients. He’s proud to be part of the team creating a legacy of happy clients.

Brian Rutherford

Executive Advisor

Brian Rutherford has been an Executive Advisor with EXOS for 5 years and worked previously with Dan and Michael for many years before that. He has consulted with hundreds of companies with a specific focus on hiring and talent management. His background is in sales and account management, working directly with decision-makers to have an impact on their business by putting the right people in the right seats for greater productivity and profit.

Brian is passionate about helping organizations create an awareness of what is possible by understanding how to engage and optimize people. Each day he is energized by the opportunity to make his clients better in a measurable and tangible way.

Kimberly Chase

Executive Assistant

Kimberly Chase brings more than 25 years of administrative experience, serving as the Executive Assistant at EXOS Advisors, where she delivers outstanding support to the CEO and collaborates closely with all advisors to drive client business growth. With a primary focus on supporting the CEO, Kimberly also collaborates with the other EXOS Advisors in furthering business growth by maximizing their time, and logistics of company activities, and fostering mutually beneficial business engagements with customers and vendors.

Kimberly is driven by a deep passion for supporting others and helping them reach their highest potential, recognizing that her efforts not only empower her colleagues but also serve to enhance the experiences of our clients. Her unwavering commitment to facilitating excellence in her colleagues is evident in her dedication to optimizing their time, fostering growth, and ensuring that everyone operates at their very best.

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