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  • “Dan helped us to bring employee Mentoring and Coaching and the concept of actually obtaining a High Performance Team into our company and really helped us set up a self-sustaining program that we have been able to spread to our entire workforce. This has improved the effectiveness of everything we do and a major part our of lean and business management programs.”

    Tesa Patton
    – HR Director, Vanguard EMS
  • “I would highly recommend Dan Cox and EXOS Advisors for anyone who is in leadership in a Company or a Church.”

    Darand Davies
    – CEO Blackline Glazing
  • “Dan Cox is a very effective Executive Coach who was a good help to me and other leaders in Veolia Water. He especially helped me navigate some of the more challenging relationship issues I needed to get through with my direct reports.”

    Owen Boe
    – VP of Ops for Veolia Water North America
  • “We invited Dan to bring the CVI™ program into our Companies and provide training for our leadership. He was pleasant to work with, got the job done quickly, and provided training that was effective, easy to understand and engaging. We received very positive feedback both from our office and field construction personnel. I’m confident this will yield tremendous results for our onboarding, mentoring and employee development programs.”

    Tom Gerding
    – CEO Gerding Companies

Exos Advisors


Honor – The primary core value of the people we are working or connected with.

Lift – Every person to the highest and best contribution.

Optimize – Causing an increase in human capital productivity leading to profitability.

“EXOS is derived from the word exosphere. The exosphere is just beyond the stratosphere and you can’t see it!”

There are multiple issues that leaders cannot see, things like; market turns, how to predict sales, whether the person they just hired will work out, what is the best time to expand operations, what will happen if I confront bad behavior with my team – will I lose them? Business is most certainly a faith walk, with some skill sprinkled in!

Our mission is to help owners, CEOs, and leaders see into areas where they typically are blind. The more we can help our leaders see with clarity, the more likely they will expand their business toward greater success, not to mention, lift themselves to higher and better contributions to their family, community, and life dreams.

EXOS moves forward with the belief we are there to help our leaders see more clearly than they ever have before.

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