Succession Planning

The Unique Challenges and Opportunities of Succession Planning

EXOS specializes in working with a multitude of family dynamics in business. Many will say that your family and business should never cross paths. We believe that family businesses can be a life-changing opportunity and provide for future generations, but without intentional succession planning they often struggle to stay profitable. Having worked with a number of succession and family business situations, we are able to guide clients through the challenges that owners face and how to address them.

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Challenges We Address in Succession Planning

Is Everyone in the Right Role for Who They Are?

Does Your Family Share Your Passion?

What is the Exact Succession Plan?

Succession Planning: Our 7-Step Approach

Are you ready to take your small business to new heights with real results?

1. Executive Coaching

2. Identify and Develop Talent

3. Clarify Roles and Responsibilities

4. Open Communication and Governance

5. Professionalize Management Practices

6. Plan for Ownership Transition

7. Address Contingency and Risk Management

Unique Opportunities through Succession Planning

While family business consulting allows us to help our clients through a variety of challenges, it also gives us perspective on the awesome benefits that can come from a family-owned business.

Leaving a Legacy

Leaving behind an inheritance is a blessing for future generations. Leaving behind something more than money – passing down a mission – is possible when you strategically entrust a company to your children, grandchildren, and beyond. But you want to make sure that the next generation is ready and willing to take on that mission. That’s where EXOS Advisors come in as family business succession planning consultants. Don’t put your company on the shoulders of your loved ones without knowing this proven information. If you want to pass on your legacy effectively, do it wisely.

Growth and Healing in Families

All families have their ups and downs, their strengths and their difficulties. All families have their challenges to work through. We believe that family business consulting can serve as a great conduit through which to see progress take place. As we identify your family’s core values at an individual and group level through the Core Values Index™ tool, we gain a platform for meaningful and productive conversation about what it means to move forward as a family and as a business. Working with family doesn’t have to be a burden – in fact, it can be an incredible blessing as you see the older generation passing on their passion and all the benefits of their hard work to the next. But achieving this doesn’t always come naturally – that’s where advisors with insight into and experience with family businesses come into play.

So What’s Next?

  • You reach out to us
  • We call you back and set up a discovery session. We will also give you a link to take the Core Values Index™, which is foundational in helping us understand you and how we can better serve you
  • We conduct our discovery session where we ask questions, assess your needs, and figure out together what it looks like to move forward.

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