Core Values Index™ (CVI™) Certified Practitioner Training

Join EXOS Advisors for an impactful CVI™ Certified Practitioner training designed to equip clients with valuable skills and insights. Throughout the training, participants will gain access to the CVI™ account via the user-friendly eRep™ Inc. online platform. By exploring their own comprehensive CVI™ report, individuals will develop a profound understanding of their Core Values Nature™ and its implications on their job performance and personal growth. Moreover, this training fosters awareness and appreciation for the core strengths and weaknesses of others, enabling improved communication within client organizations. Attendees will also receive a Core Values exploration assignment to support the development of optimization and performance improvement plans. Additionally, a Core Values Handbook is available for download on the eRep, Inc. platform or can be obtained at a discounted price upon request.


Quickstart Coach Training™

Coach Training gives leaders the tools they need to conduct the everyday occurrences pertaining to the unpredictable nature of organizational life and relationships. This training will show leaders how to move through these minefields with more agility, helping them become skilled practitioners in the human dynamic. Whether applied to organizations or personal relationships, Coach Training offers the best framework for helping people encourage, challenge, and move each other forward–sometimes in ways that are quite surprising.

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