“I watched a team that was working in isolation move toward contribution and team work in a short time period of time.”

-Steve Keels, Pastor at Good Shepherd Church


  • Learn how to increase engagement and create dynamic assimilation that really connects with people
  • Understand and honor how God has hard-wired each person
  • Helpful tips on how to lift your staff and volunteers to the place they fit best
  • Hiring can be much quicker! Less headaches and more smiles!
  • What do a church and a business have in common? The precious stewardship of people. So how well do you know them?
  • Companies try to hire the right person, yet we find ourselves in an era McKinsey & Company calls “The Great Resignation.”
  • We’ve not known how to “get under the hood” to find out who people really are until after we see them in action.
  • Instead of taking risks related to all that, we know have a way to understand what kind of person God created ahead of time.
  • We have new best practices for strategic planning, hiring, and assimilation church leaders are finding to be life-changing.
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  • With the pandemic, are pastors still trying ‘To get back to BAU?’ Or trying to get that last 25% of people sheltering back to church?
  • How do we best move forward?
  • As you grow, how to you stay on vision & avoid DI-vision?

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  • A pastor was skeptical, but discovered that not only was the assessment accurate, it also changed the way he now relates to his family and church.
  • This tool elevates self-awareness, a quality necessary for leadership roles.

Posted on : Thursday February 3, 2022

Joe Saweikis, the senior pastor of Mountain City Church in Frostburg, was a little skeptical when Dr. Randy Millwood, Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware’s (BC/MD) interim Church Services team leader, suggested that he complete a Core Values Index Assessment (CVI). Saweikis consented and discovered that not only was the assessment accurate, it also changed the way he now relates to his family and church. “The way I perceive things determines how I interact with people. So, it helped me see my false perceptions or tendencies to look at things a certain way,” he said.

Millwood explained that the CVI shows how our core values impact us in areas such as how we lead, learn, feel threatened, relate to others, deal with conflict, and contribute to the world, our family, jobs, and ministries. Millwood said that, after taking the assessment, he has personally monitored the reliability and found it surprisingly steady. “It’s short and simple, and the feedback has been good,” he said.

Saweikis’ results highlighted “banker” and “wisdom” traits. The need for information makes sense to him. “For example, if I don’t have enough information, I don’t feel worthy enough to interact in a conversation,” he reflected. Now, he said, he allows himself to join in and asks questions.

Also, Saweikis said he tends not to act or move forward without enough data, as opposed to others who can “go with their gut.” He reflected on a conversation with his son years ago. “He was a senior getting ready for the military,” Saweikis said. “He asked me, ‘Why does everything you do work out?’ I told him, ‘I don’t do things I don’t know how to do!’” Reflecting on that answer, Saweikis now realizes that isn’t the best way to think. “If you’re following God, you can’t do that. You have to go out on faith,” he shared.

Saweikis encourages others to consider the CVI but added, “It’s a tool, not our identity. Our identity is found in Christ and what He says about it.”

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