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Increase Sales Appointments and Closes!

If your sales have hit a plateau or are diminishing, and nothing seems to be working to turn them around, it’s time to call in someone with a fresh perspective. If you are looking to

  • Increase new appointments with decision makers
  • Improve the closing rate of leads
  • Create a repeatable, measurable sales process that is ready for expansion

your sales development consultant at EXOS Advisors can help with all of it. As needed, we also offer

  • Sales team management
  • Script assistance
  • CRM usage guidance
  • Making sales calls
Exos Langley sales development consulting provides companies with a path to growth

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Go from Passive to Proactive with EXOS Sales Development Consulting

Exos Langley Sales Development consulting brings more closed sales and more profit

Many businesses working with a small sales team don’t go through the effort of creating systems or processes for developing salespeople. Perhaps some one-on-one training is provided, but a new recruit will largely have little idea what to do to engage potential customers effectively.

As a result, many sales staff have little direction and end up passive or aimless in their approach. The result is sluggish sales, wasted time, and discouragement.

EXOS sales specialists develop systems that work to effectively and proactively bring in sales by clarifying and standardizing approaches and gathering data which help to predict trends and spot opportunities for growth. If your sales staff could use direction like this, let’s talk.

Expand Market Footprint through Sales Pipeline Development

Ask yourself…

  • How is your sales team generating appointments and closing sales now?
  • Do you feel you have an ideal process that your team follows?
  • Is your team at their best?
  • Do you lack metrics that tell how your team is doing down to success rates of each member?

Are you a rainmaker CEO who brought in a flood of sales when you were getting started? You likely know the struggle to duplicate yourself, because your first salesperson under you is already at a disadvantage: they aren’t the CEO, Founder, or Developer. Is your process repeatable?

Over the course of 2-6 months’ time working with you, EXOS Advisors will deliver:

Our sales development specialist


What value does your product or service bring to the world? Can your salespeople explain it succinctly and powerfully to decision-makers? EXOS Advisors gets to know what you’re selling to clarify and standardize your value offering and increase impact.

Bottom-Line Data Reporting

If your sales processes seem vague to the point where you’re not sure what’s really happening or why it matters, you need someone to organize, track, and present data in meaningful forms. Making data-driven decisions will take your business further. To that end, your EXOS Sales Development consulting team will develop CRM and sales management improvements, reporting back real bottom-line results and predictive forecasting to empower strategic decision-making based on real-time data and experience.


By crafting a clear message that will sell – and showing that the message really works – we develop excitement within a sales team. This is the surefire way to naturally increase compliance and activity within your team.

You can give anyone a sales script and a phone – ensuring that your salespeople are gifted at sales and energized by connecting with people to make sales is a different thing altogether. EXOS Advisors uses the Core Values Index (CVI) to ensure that the people you have representing your team are in the right spots for the results you’re looking for. That’s a service EXOS Advisors can uniquely provide, and it makes a huge difference. When you’ve got people in sales who are actually engaged in the tasks required to sell, you will see more appointments generated with targeted decision-makers, more promising customer relationships developed, and more sales closed.

Repeatable Sales Processes

Can any salesperson step into their job and know what to do to generate sales? Do you have a script that works? Targeted decision-makers to reach out to? Meaningful metrics that let your people know how they’re doing and how they can improve? In sales development consulting with our clients in Langley, Washington, our job is to work with you to create these systems so that each member of your team has what they need to be successful.


Ongoing sales coaching or outsourced sales management by EXOS Advisors staff can continue as long as is needed until your company becomes self-sustaining.  In order to make a change, you need someone who has done it before and can guide others how to make it happen.  EXOS Advisors ensures that Salespeople know what to do, and then teach them how to be successful in their role.  No good team wins without practice and coaching.

“I was looking for a solution to outsource some of the front-end business development work. I was skeptical about results as I’ve tried several avenues in the past to produce new sales appointments. But Michael at EXOS Advisors was able to produce the first qualified appointment with a decision maker in my target list within a few weeks of part-time work. He has consistently generated appointment after appointment. I am now possibly considering easing up a bit as I have a solid pipeline of business proposals.”

Michael DeMos, President, Victory 360 Fundraising

So What’s Next?

  • You reach out to us
  • We call you back and set up a discovery session. We will also give you a link to take the Core Values Index, which is foundational in helping us understand you and how we can better serve you
  • We conduct our discovery session where we ask questions, assess your needs, and figure out together what it looks like to move forward.

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How Knowledge of What Drives People Can Create a Winning Sales Team

An image of the CVI assessment An image of the CVI assessment

How can you know that the people you want to make your sales are going to be the performers you need? That’s where the CVI comes in.

EXOS Advisors bring something unique to our services as sales development consultants in Langley, Washington – the most accurate and reliable human metric system out there. With a 97% repeatability rate, the Core Values Index (CVI) gets to the heart of people: their innate and unchanging energies, their hard-wiring, what drives them to make their greatest contribution to the world around them.

This isn’t just another personality test for people to learn about themselves and talk about their spirit animals around the water cooler. It’s not even a personality test – it’s a test of what drives people. Are your salespeople really driven to make sales? Does their job align with who they are best suited to be? The CVI provides us with essential data to understand what makes salespeople at all levels really “show up” at work.

That’s why the Core Values Index assessment is built into our sales pipeline development process at the ground level. We have found that when we start with a knowledge of people gained from the clear data provided by the CVI and a solid understanding of how that data applies to the job, the difference is incredible. People are made aware of who they are and can be optimized in their job functions. No more providing external motivations and pizza parties – though those don’t hurt, they become secondary when people are doing what they’re wired to do.

When you spend less time and resources motivating people because they are doing a job that’s made for them, sales happen.

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EXOS Advisors Set a Growing Sales Team Up for Future Success

If your sales team is moving toward growth, EXOS Advisors and the CVI can ensure that you are hiring the right people for the future.

Our process involves analyzing the human energies required to make a good salesperson in your organization and breaking that down into quantitative standards you can use to recognize a great candidate when you see them.

By approaching hiring from a scientific perspective rather than merely judging candidates on past experiences and their presentation, we can ensure with far greater likelihood that the salespeople you hire will be worth the investment.

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