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Causing Faster and More Effective Movement Forward

When the people in leadership positions in a business lack clarity and drive to move to higher levels of excellence, how does the rest of the organization suffer?

In Indiana’s dynamic business landscape, leadership clarity and drive are paramount for achieving excellence. When these are lacking, organizations often face sluggish sales, diminished enthusiasm, and demotivation among teams. Executive coaching from EXOS Advisors is the catalyst that empowers leaders and teams in Indiana with the necessary accountability and direction.

Through a tailored approach, we aid leaders in recognizing their intrinsic energies and understanding their teammates’ expectations, enabling Indiana businesses to advance cohesively and make significant strides forward.

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The Place of Executive Coaching in Business Growth

What Executive Coaching Looks Like

EXOS Advisors proposes a weekly cadence of executive coaching to support the executive function. These coaching sessions include (but are not limited to):

  • Development and participation in weekly executive meetings
  • Establishing accountability structure
  • Measuring results and increasing performance both individually and as a group
  • Assist in developing a meeting structure customized to meet current management challenges and create a culture of performance and contribution down through the organization
  • EXOS Advisors Executive Coaches rely on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to guide and prioritize initiatives

Most of our executive coaching is provided one-on-one with people identified as key to the continued growth and development of your organization. EXOS is responsible to facilitate forward motion with the person (or group) being coached, while the individuals being coached are responsible to carry out assignments and keep commitments to their completion.

So What’s Next?

  • You reach out to us
  • We call you back and set up a discovery session. We will also give you a link to take the Core Values Index™, which is foundational in helping us understand you and how we can better serve you
  • We conduct our discovery session where we ask questions, assess your needs, and figure out together what it looks like to move forward.

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The Role of the Core Values Index in Executive Coaching by EXOS Advisors

The Core Values Index™ (CVI™) assessment is at the foundation of our work as executive coaches. Through the use of this tool, we are able to move beyond asking generic questions or providing each of our clients with the same “steps for success.”

With a 97% repeatability rate, the CVI™ is the most reliable assessment out there for determining what really motivates each of us to make the greatest contribution in our work – whether power, love, wisdom, or knowledge. These aren’t just words that we throw around because they sound nice. Our core values drive us to make a specific contribution to our work, and learning to recognize and tap into those values makes a measurable difference in motivation and productivity, which translate to the bottom line of any company. How could your business change if your executives were functioning in line with who they are made to be?

When we coach someone, the CVI™ is the starting point for determining how that individual can bring their highest and best contribution to meeting the goals of their job and the business. The assessment provides our coaches with objective criteria that we can use to make sure executives are in the right places with the right support doing the right kind of work for their own good as well as the good of the company.

EXOS Advisors Provides Executive Coaching for Indiana Clients

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