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How Can I Know I’m Hiring the Right Person?

Hiring is one of the most important things we do in business, yet typically the process is not very well understood – and is done very ineffectively as a result. For most organizations, there is an element of luck that goes into hiring the right people.

HR Magazine reported that 85% of hires are a disappointment to the employer (and employee) within 3 weeks of being hired. Gallup polls suggest that only about 30% of people are really engaged in their work. Disappointment, disengagement, and discouragement all lead to a lack of productivity and poor workplace morale. This could be avoided if businesses were able to find a person truly suited for the work that needs done.

There’s now a way to know if a candidate is wired to do the work!

The results of classic talent management practices

Not only can EXOS Advisors help you to identify top performers and who you need for certain roles, we can even save you time and money in the hiring process. Interested? Let us know.

Q&A with a Client

How did EXOS help you in the hiring process? 

EXOS Advisors helped us to hire a new panel shop manager as well as a Project manager. They walked us through their process of filling out their top performer profile. They listened to our wants and needs and composed an ad to place for the new hire we were looking for. They handled posting the new ad as well as screening all the candidates so that they only brought me a few of the best candidates. After selecting candidates that we thought was the best fit, we never looked back. Both candidates are a great fit and essential to our business.

What was the most beneficial aspect of working with EXOS?

Taking advantage of the CVI report and Dan and Brian forcing us to really spend time looking and talking about exactly what we need and don’t need out of a candidate. This is a simple step but normally rushed through. They made us slow down and really spend the time on making the correct selection.

Would you recommend EXOS? Why?

Yes, because they are trust worthy and I truly feel like they have my best interest in mind and not just selling me something. They are also willing to take the time to meet up multiple times and explain or go over how they can help in a non sales  man like way. Dan’s approach on real world teaching and business experience makes him someone that is enjoyable to learn from.

Brody Baxter, Baxter Builders LLC

How EXOS Hires Differently

Most companies hire based on skills and experience, mixed with some gut instinct. Although very important, these factors can’t reliably tell you if a prospective hire is going to perform the actual responsibilities of the position you’re looking to fill.

What Talent Management Consulting Brings to a Business

EXOS has a unique process for our clients where we create a customized Job Profile to understand the requirements, skills, responsibilities and tasks of the job that’s being offered. Using the highly-reliable Core Values Index™ assessment, in just 15 minutes we can uncover how a candidate is wired to contribute to the job they applied for, and therefore if they are a good fit. This process leads to more engaged employees who are more productive and more profitable. The value and productive output of a top performer is typically 3 to 5 times that of an average performer. EXOS Advisors knows how to hire these candidates.

Our Streamlined Applicant-Tracking Platform

EXOS Advisors brings access to a unique platform to host job profiles and take applications. The system integrates the Core Values Index assessment, which can be effectively used to sort through candidates with minimal time and effort expended trying to subjectively interpret a resume or job experience. With access to our platform, your company can

  • Create job ads
  • Send CVI assessments to unlimited candidates
  • Automatically compare candidates to job profile(s)
  • Track applicants through the hiring process

Complete Front-End Hiring Support Service

The online hiring system is designed to be self-managed during the hiring process, but not many companies have the time or resources to do this effectively. A lot of clients would prefer someone run the system for them and simply deliver final candidates. This is where our hiring support program helps: we conduct all front-end candidate sourcing, screening and initial interviews. How much time and frustration will this save you?

Talent management consulting from EXOS advisors provides a way to hire top performers

When EXOS Advisors take over the initial stages of hiring, you don’t worry about

  • Job ad writing and placement
  • Compensation package assistance
  • Candidate sourcing and tracking
  • Resume review and analysis
  • First interviews
  • Scheduling final interviews

Best of all, once a hire is made, EXOS Advisors will guarantee that person is a Top Performer (as determined by the client) or we will replace that person until you are satisfied. That’s what our Dayton talent management consulting services bring to the table.

If you are interested in learning more about how talent management consulting can improve your process, including how we can manage and streamline the hiring function for small and mid-sized companies – delivering only qualified candidates to interview – please contact us today!

So What’s Next?

  • You reach out to us
  • We call you back and set up a discovery session. We will also give you a link to take the Core Values Index, which is foundational in helping us understand you and how we can better serve you
  • We conduct our discovery session where we ask questions, assess your needs, and figure out together what it looks like to move forward.

Ready to get started? Contact our team today!

EXOS’ Dan Cox shares about our approach to hiring on the B2B podcast. Topics covered include:

  • Do You Have the Wrong People in the Wrong Roles?
  • Are You a Merchant, Innovator, Banker, or Builder?
  • Why Firing or Not Firing Isn’t the Right Question

What is the Core Values Index Assessment Tool and How does it Help with Hiring?

Results from the CVI - the tool we use for success as talent management consultants Results from the CVI - the tool we use for success as talent management consultants

We’ve mentioned the Core Values Index (CVI) several times on this page – but what is it? Is it just a personality test? The short answer: no.

The CVI is the most accurate and reliable assessment out there. With a 97% reliability or repeatability rate, the Core Values Index gets to the heart of people: their innate and unchanging energies, their hard-wiring, what drives them to make their greatest contribution to the things they are a part of. In our work providing talent management consulting services in Dayton, Oregon and beyond, we use the CVI to ensure that the people you will have on your team are put in the right spots for who they are, enabling them to make their best performance.

Consider the example of a salesperson. We know that not just anyone can thrive in sales. It takes a certain energy to keep reaching out to people, to love making connections and spreading the message of a product or service. When you have that kind of person on your team, you can see and sense there is something more that they bring to the table and is different than other employees.  Certain individuals are wired to make certain types of contributions and EXOS enables our clients to understand this before any hires are made. How can you tell from a resume or even from an interview how well this person will perform in your culture and in this role? The CVI can reliably inform a Hiring Manager if the candidate has the right wiring or energies to be effective in a given role or if it is going to be a stretch to expect much from this person based on the work we would be asking them to do. 


The CVI isn’t just another personality test for people to learn about themselves and talk about their spirit animals around the water cooler. It’s not even a personality test – it’s a test of what makes people “show up” at work. With the CVI, we can guarantee that the person you hire as a result of our talent management consulting will be a great fit for whatever position your business is seeking to fill.

By approaching hiring from the scientific perspective provided by the CVI rather than merely judging candidates on past experiences and their presentation, we can ensure with far greater likelihood that the people you hire will be worth the investment.

Are you ready to build your team?

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