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Exos business strategy consultants provide each Alsea client with a strategic roadmap for growth

Strategic RoadMap™

A plan. Most organizations say that they have one. It’s in a binder or on someone’s computer. It’s been summarized and put up on the wall. It’s present, but making no difference. It’s ignored.

Which means, of course, that most organizations don’t have a plan. Success will come only by luck.

If stagnancy or failure comes, on the other hand, that is on purpose. As someone has said: “If you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail.”

Saying you have a plan isn’t worth much. Having a plan that is executed, that stakeholders are invested in, and that works to deliver qualitative and quantitative results – that’s indispensable. Having a Strategic RoadMap™ like that is the actual cause of business growth.

That’s exactly what EXOS Advisors delivers as your business strategy consulting team.

Exos business strategy consultants provide Alsea companies with a path to growth

What Sets Us Apart in the World of Alsea Business Strategy Consultants

Any consultant group can come in and give a plan for success based on the theories they bring to the table about how people should behave. EXOS Advisors take the time using extensive experience and proven human metrics to consider how leaders are wired not as theories but as individuals.

Consider this scenario we encounter far too often: the classic method of advancement in a company is to move (for example) an A+ salesperson up to management where – based on the fact that they’re wired to sell, not manage – they’re only a C player. An A+ team member should always be an A+…but they’re not. Could this be a reason why many companies find that they are dragging from the top down?

We understand and demonstrate how to get each person into the role where they are not just passing but excelling. When people are alive, they impart that life to the people around them and to their organization as a whole.

Most consultants will bring new processes and tools to a company, but they don’t know how to apply the right human energy to those processes. Everyone’s energy is still being spent just trying to face their job each day. They can’t handle being asked to do more, especially to put changes into practice that they know aren’t really going to help them.

That’s where EXOS Advisors are different. By aligning strategic plans and people who are engaged in the work with one another, we create genuine excitement about the way ahead.

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How EXOS Advisors Business Strategy Consultant Services Bring Direction

Graphic showing the four basic steps Exos business strategy consultants follow to provide high performance results

“Are you practicing a yearly strategic planning process?” We ask this of every company we meet. Most say yes, but when asked to produce a document or recite the main initiatives, the response is crickets! EXOS has a solution that keeps your company’s strategic plan front and center, for all in the company to see and to participate.

We produce a visual Strategic RoadMap™ that is easy to refer to in the midst of leadership activities throughout the year, providing accountability and a constant reminder of the path ahead.

Then we implement all Strategic RoadMap™ initiatives through a process called “OKRs” – Objectives & Key Results. With each completed OKR, we develop an ROI statement that actually tracks dollars back into your company. Our management consulting provides benefits that go way beyond feeling like your team is doing well – you can see how the time and resources you’re spending are making a concrete difference.

This is a process that actually works! Our clients report the Strategic RoadMap™ alone is causing significant, measurable results, both in dollars and effectiveness.

The Process of Strategic Planning

The full process of Strategic RoadMap™ planning follows certain general steps that bring consistent, measurable results for each of the businesses we work with.

  • Leadership and Executive Functioning
  • We learn – and help your people learn – how your leadership team operates as people. What drives them in their work? Is everyone in the right place to make their greatest contribution? This must be in place to get anything else done! Through investment in trainings and interviews (both individual and group), we get to know the people and structures of your company so we can find opportunities for growth.
  • Get Buy-In
  • Your people on the front lines need to know what’s going on and why it matters. Change is coming. How will they know it’s for the better? We use our Business Performance Analysis™ to help everyone see what is happening now and in what direction change needs to take place.
  • Stakeholder Retreat
  • We use this retreat and other intensive times together to conduct the formal Strategic RoadMap™ planning process. When we’re done, we put it all together and help you roll it out.
  • Implement OKRs (Objectives & Key Results)
  • You can think of these as rocks that needs to be moved – obstacles in the Road. We are usually able to identify 1-5 big rocks and 10-20 small rocks which, when moved, pave the way to future success. We develop ways to measure whether you’re making progress in removing these obstacles. Our OKRs give you ways to carry out every initiative of your Strategic RoadMap™ with accountability.
An example of a strategic roadmap developed as part of our work as an Alsea strategic business consultant

So What’s Next?

  • You reach out to us
  • We call you back and set up a discovery session. We will also give you a link to take the Core Values Index, which is foundational in helping us understand you and how we can better serve you
  • We conduct our discovery session where we ask questions, assess your needs, and figure out together what it looks like to move forward.

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The Benefit of an Outside Perspective

The larger an organization is, the more prone its culture will be to creating an echo chamber. Key players have settled into roles and responsibilities. Strategic perspective is lost amidst the maintaining of relationships, structures, and resources. Within this context, internal voices and ideas for change often die out, having made little difference in moving the company forward.

When EXOS consults, we respect the unique ways in which each company is put together and the unique people that make it work. What we don’t do is reword a prefabricated solution or strategy to fix all your problems. We have a reproducible process that we take the leadership of an organization through – a process which has produced consistently amazing results. But what exactly is entailed for each implementation adapts to our clients and their individual needs.

The first step of our process is to ensure everyone takes the Core Values Index (CVI) assessment in order to become aware of the unique human energies present in the room when the key stakeholders in your company get together. Our perspective allows us to see in fresh ways how those energies interact and the impact that has on the business.

Through the course of about a year (in many cases), we spend time in your organization looking for places where people need coaching and training. We find critical “pressure points” in your organization and address those systematically and strategically to improve flow, function, and energy. The result: big benefits to your bottom line.

Management Consulting Provides Accountability

As all leaders know, accountability makes a big difference. When done well, it’s a real incentive toward improved achieving goals. Even the best goals, laid out in the most clear and achievable way, can be missed without the help of accountability.

The EXOS team adds an outside accountability piece to our Strategic RoadMap™ so it really gets done. We don’t just drop the plan in your lap and leave. Through our time together including monthly Strategic RoadMap™ reviews, we help you establish ways to make sure you’re on the path to growth.

But outside accountability is not all. By establishing a culture which is invested in following your company’s Strategic RoadMap™ and by making the strategic plan continuously visible for all to see, we develop a real sense of accountability even within your company itself. That way our clients aren’t just cleaning themselves up for inspection when their business strategy consultant comes to visit – they are constantly working together toward the same goal: the good of the company.

The Core Values Index is the Foundation of our Work as Business Strategy Consultants

An image of the CVI assessment An image of the CVI assessment

EXOS Advisors bring something unique to the boardroom table – the most accurate and reliable human metric system out there. With a 97% repeatability rate, the Core Values Index (CVI) gets to the heart of people: their innate and unchanging energies, their hard-wiring, what drives them to make their greatest contribution to the world around them.

This isn’t just another personality test for people to learn about themselves and talk about their spirit animals around the water cooler. It’s not even a personality test – it’s an assessment of what drives people. The CVI provides us with essential data to

  • Understand what makes people at all levels really “show up” at work
  • Delegate initiatives of the Strategic RoadMap™ to the people who are most capable of carrying that burden
  • Align people with the work that is best suited for them to avoid burnout and increase productivity

That’s why the Core Values Index is built into our Strategic RoadMap™ development process at the ground level. We have found that when we base our work as an Alsea, Oregon business strategy consultant firm on the heart-level understanding of people gained from the clear data provided by the CVI and a solid understanding of how its data applies, the difference is incredible. People are more empowered to be who they are. No more providing external motivations and pizza parties – though those don’t hurt, they become secondary when people are doing what they’re made to do.

When you spend less time and resources motivating people because they are doing a job that’s almost made for them, strategic forward motion can happen.

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